Mafia Bot

The easiest way to set up mafia games from within Discord

Mafia Bot main banner image

Start up games in a matter of seconds

Mafia Bot allows you to cut out the fuss with starting and organising who is mafia with other external sources. With no sign ups and no human factor you can be sure that you get your roles quickly and easily.

Check your stats

After every series your stats get updated. Check them and compare yours to others to see who can get the most points or highest average!

Server settings

Mafia Bot allows restrictions, like only a certain role or channel being able to use the bot. This allows flexibility with server admins to stop unwanted mass DMs from the bot or spamming in #general channels

A developer who cares

I (14ROVI) care about Mafia Bot, it's the first bot i have ever created so it's amazing to see it have success. In addition, if you ever get any bugs with the bot or there are problems that you can't sort out: you are always free to join the Mafia Bot support server to ask me for help.