Quick start guide

A simple tutorial on Mafia Bot


If you have not already, you should invite Mafia Bot to your server!

Once mafia bot is in your server it will be able to be used by everyone and with the prefixes mafia and m..

Using Mafia Bot

To get right into using Mafia Bot you should use the mafia game command. This will start a game with everyone in a VC with you and anyone you mention in the message.

The bot will then send DMs to everyone informing them of their role (either mafia or villager). It will also give a teams list which its advised to stick to for the voting part.

Play your game!

Once you have finished you can return to Mafia Bot and use the mafia vote [team number that won] command to vote on who you think the mafia is.

if you wish to play another game then just do mafia game again. if you wish to end at any point use mafia end.

The bot tracks your mafia stats (such as points gained and games played) and you can use the mafia stats command to view these.

I hope you have fun!